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Who we are

Two Wheels of Hope is the brainchild of Mentors Foundation, based in Maharashtra. The objective of the project is to identify and engage under-resourced schools from rural Maharashtra where girls walk to reach school, to start a bicycle bank.

What we do

Two Wheels of Hope provides schools in rural India, with a fleet of bicycles that are loaned at no cost. These cycles are then given to underprivileged girls who travel more than 2kms from home to school.

Why we do it

The core objectives of this project is to ensure Girl Child Safety while they travel long distances from home to school. Empowering the girl child with sustainable mobility solutions which will help her complete her schooling.

Two Wheels of Hope is providing a platform for girls in rural India, to embark on a career after schooling, there by removing her from the clutches of child/early marriage.

Our Work
Thus Far

We have loaned
30,300+ Cycles over the past 6 years.
This has positively impacted the lives of over 37,240+ girls in rural Maharashtra.


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How the project is implemented

  • Distribute to girls from the 6th to 12th standard (Zilla Parishad and Aided Schools).
  • Average Walking Distance to the school is about 3-4 Kms. A Total Of 500 Schools in the program.
  • All schools have to sign a “Letter of Promise” stating every school will be responsible to create and maintain a “Bicycle Bank".
  • Each bicycle recipient signs a 'Service-To-Own' contract whereby the bicycle becomes their personal property for their academic years.
  • Students agree to attend classes regularly and return the Bicycle to the Bicycle Bank on completion of their academic term.
  • Under this program, the returned bicycles post completion of 10th or 12th grade will be Reallocated to other needy students who have to walk to school from long distances.


Two Wheels of Hope aims to reach
a total bicycle bank of
1 million cycles by 2020



1 Million


Empowerment of the Rural
ASHA worker

ASHA (Accredited Social Health Activist) workers are part of the public health system who mobilize the community and strengthen the bridge between the Government health-care workforce and the general population, in rural India.

Helping the Asha Worker to commute quicker to render first line of medical aid is the second vertical of the Two Wheels of Hope project. In 2018 our Plan is to distribute 6000 bicycles to all ASHAs in Pune and Satara district in Maharashtra, to help them improve and render Health services to the community. By 2020 we have set a Goal to reach the 50,000 ASHA's across Maharashtra.



  • The journey
  • Started off with
    500 Cycles
  • 2,500
  • 7,124
  • 18,000 Cycles and counting...
  • 30,300+ Cycles and counting...
  • Our vision to reach
    1 Million Cycles in Total

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